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Regional League Applications (U14)

For Outdoor 2017 the U14 Regional Division operated by the WRSL will consist of up to 4 teams from SWRSA, 2 from EMSA, 1 from ECSA and 1 from LKSA for a maximum of 8 teams. As identified, up to four teams from SWRSA may be placed into each Division (boys and girls). To determine these placements clubs that have decided that their teams are best suited (Self Determination) for the WRSL have the opportunity to submit an application for consideration to SWRSA.

Applications for consideration to play in the U14 Regional Division must be submitted in writing to the SWRSA office by October 16th, 2016 by the club. Submissions must address all aspects of SWRSA's standards based selection criteria (attached) along with a summary of why your clubs team belongs in this division.

2017 U14 Regional League Selection Criteria

The District will reserve the right to determine the teams to place into this division. Beyond the applications the following information and/or methods may be used to make the selections:

  1. The performance of the club to consistently promote and follow LTPD guidelines and open roster systems.
  2. Club’s past performance in their ability to place teams into appropriate levels of play.
  3. Evaluation from a District led panel of Ontario Soccer qualified staff/coaches
  4. A play off between two or more teams.
  5. The Club’s support of District teams at all ages.

Going forward, a Standards-based application process may be extended to other age divisions in the Regional League.  Once further direction is received, information will be passed onto the Clubs.

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