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Exhibition Games

Even though SWRSA has provided Clubs with Blanket Approval for In-District Exhibition Games (no AHEG required), Exhibition Games are sanctioned competitions and as such, are required to follow OSA Procedures

  • All participating players and team officials must have active registrations and validated books.
  • Game Sheets must be used and submitted to the District within 48 hours following the game along with any subsequent disciplinary forms.
  • Exhibition games must use an OSA registered Match Official.

Please continue to send the In-District Exhibition game approval emails to detailing the two teams, and the date and location of the game in the Subject Line with both Clubs approval in the body of the email.

For any additional information or specific details, please reference the OSA Policy Section 9 - Competition, Procedure 17 – Exhibition Games.

Game Sheet Template

If you are hosting an Exhibition Game against a Team registered in another District, an AHEG must be completed on the CTMS system.  Please contact your Club for more information. 

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