Fitness Testing

2017 Fitness Tests

April 15 - 9am - Guelph Soccer Dome

All match officials grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and up, are encouraged to attempt the tests.  Those who passed the tests already this spring are encouraged - their time permitting - to attend and encourage all others. 

The standards are as follows: 

Grade 5 - No standard
Grade 6 - No standard set, unless upgrading to grade 7. 
Grade 6 (upgrading) and 7 (maintenance) - Female officials 6, male officials 7
Grade 7 (upgrading) / 8 (maintenance) - Female officials 7, male officials 8

You are all highly encouraged to, at least, attempt the test. In order to take the test and have it registered on your profile, you must register for it on E2E. 

All fitness test will be 'Beep Tests'.  For more information about this test, please visit the following links:

SWRSA Office Hours:
Monday to Wednesday   9am - 5pm
Thursday                         10am - 6pm
Friday                                 8am - 4pm

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